1. This agreement is between you and Employment Law Services Limited (‘we/us’). We agree to supply, and you agree to buy, a series of training videos along with associated bonus products on getting redundancies right (‘the product’).

2. Nothing in the videos or bonuses amounts to legal advice or the provision of legal services. They are for educational purposes only. If you want legal advice, please contact a lawyer. The author and presenter of the product, Daniel Barnett, is a practising barrister who can be contacted for independent legal advice via his clerk, adam.macdonald@outertemple.com.

3. You agree that Daniel Barnett is not a party to this agreement and that you shall not have any claim against him in negligence or for any other breach of legal obligation arising out of your purchase or use of the product.

4. We have taken all reasonable care to make sure the content of the videos and bonuses are correct as of June 2020, the date of production. Any liability for negligence, or for any other error or omission, is limited to three times the price you paid to purchase the product. If you want us to have a higher level of liability towards you, please contact us before buying and we can investigate obtaining insurance to cover any losses you may incur (although we are under no obligation to do so if such insurance is not reasonably available). If we can obtain insurance for higher levels of cover, and subject to your agreement, we will charge you the premium at cost, plus a 100% markup (minimum £200) as an administration fee.

5. We guarantee that you will find the product of value. If you do not, you may request your purchase price back at any time within a year of purchase and we shall refund it within two working days.

6. Your data will be processed in the following ways:-

a. your card payment information will be processed by Stripe. We do not see, nor hold, your payment information.

b. we will retain details of your purchase (name, organisation, email address and date of purchase) for approximately seven years. We keep it for that long as the normal limitation period for any claims against us is six years. Nothing in this clause, though, undermines the limitation of liability set out above.

c. we share the data in (b) with MailChimp, an online email app that we use to communicate with you.

d. if you choose to attend any webinars, or join our Facebook group, then any data you enter into our webinar system (powered by Zoom) or Facebook will be held by them and subject to their terms and conditions.

e. we run an affiliate programme, meaning that people we know are invited to promote us and they are paid a commission on any purchases which come about using their unique affiliate link. If you purchase using an affiliate link, we will tell the affiliate that you have purchased (sharing your name, email address and the amount you paid).

7. You may be invited to join our Facebook group or Zoom webinars. If you do:-

a. the exclusion of liability in respect of Daniel Barnett, and the limitation of liability for us, applies to anything said or done in that group or those webinars as it does to the product;

b. you agree to keep confidential any information you learn about others in the Facebook group or on the Zoom webinars;

c. you recognise that any information you share in the Facebook group or on the Zoom webinars may thereby enter the public domain, and we are not responsible for that. In particular, you agree that we are under no obligation to enforce clause 7(b) against anybody else in the Facebook group or Zoom webinars, and that if you ask us and we agree to do so, you will indemnify us against any legal costs and reasonable management time (management time charged at £100+VAT per hour). Further, you agree to pay us reasonable sums on account of legal costs and management time, and any failure to do so means we cease to be under any obligation to help you.

8. You can share your access code amongst everyone in your organisation if you are a business, solicitors’ firm, or similar. However, unions, employers’ organisations and franchise operators cannot share the access code amongst their members or franchisees. Each member/franchisee will need to purchase access for themselves. Similarly, solicitors and independent HR Professionals cannot share the access code amongst their clients; your clients will need to subscribe themselves.